We find solutions.

Robinson Marketing began in 1984 providing marketing guidance to leading businesses and industries with North Mississippi connections and national in scope. We have counseled business owners, general managers, and marketing directors and functioned as an in-house marketing department. We partner with marketing directors to provide services to complement and supplement the work of their current marketing team.

We have aided with mergers and acquisitions, created and executed best-in-show marketing campaigns, and significantly increased the sales and profitability of our clients.

We are a day-to-day marketing resource as close as a phone call, email, or text message. We assist our clients with resources that they do not have themselves, and our attention to our clients’ businesses has earned us decades-old relationships.

We work with clients of all sizes. Your handshake is our contract.


Delivering creatively on time, on budget and effective.


“Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.” – Bill Moyers


We return cash or credit to the client when the budget is greater than the need.


We discipline ourselves to stay with the challenge until achieving the result. We stay on top of things.


Our focus is you. Finding your solution. Using our talents to meet your goals. We are a team player. Your successes are our successes.

Robinson Marketing - Marketing Consulting Create Develop Identify
Marketing Consulting

Create, Develop,

We not only hear what your wants and needs are, we listen to find the core of what we can do to meet your wants and needs. We first learn what the question is before we try to supply the answers. We respond by saying what we’ve heard and what we’ve discerned by listening.

Robinson Marketing - Strategy Insight, Analysis, Exploration

Insight, Analysis, Exploration

We work within your budget to meet your goal and establish a plan to meet your goal. While all media are viable, it is your target that helps us determine the best vehicle for your message. We enjoy the challenge of finding the right solution for you.

Nonprofits are more similar to for-profit business than they are different
Creative Services

Making, Doing, Accomplishing

Our philosophy is “It’s not creative unless it sells.” Creativity can be simple or elaborate as long as it meets the marketing objective established. We’re a firm believer in planning the work and working the plan.

We at Robinson Marketing are marketing consultants.

Yes, we help companies promote their products and services. But, marketing is critical thinking and assisting companies to make the right decisions. The promotion of the company should come with the right plan.

Robinson and Associates, Inc. - Accredited Agency of the Agency Management Institute (AMI)