Do business with those who do business with you

Robinson and Associates, Inc.My grandfather gave my father a great piece of advice: “Do business with those who do business with you.”

So when the time came that we knew our business needed to move, we turned to a client for help. We have been working with Tommy Morgan for many years. We know Tommy, and Tommy knows us. So we knew that Tommy would put us together with an agent from Tommy Morgan Realtors that would be a good fit for both sides. We noticed a house we thought about converting to offices, and we called Tommy’s office to set up an appointment to see the house. And, the agent who showed us the house … was Tommy.

I don’t know all the in’s and out’s of real estate. I’ve only purchased one piece of property, which was a while ago. So, I had a lot of questions. Tommy had a lot of patience and a lot of answers.  His advice was spot-on.  He shared experiences in situations that I hadn’t even considered. It helped having someone with understanding that I could use as a resource. It was great working with an expert who shared his knowledge.

Tommy was there for the closing. All went well.

Markel Whittington helped us with the office furniture.  We’ve known and worked with Markel for years too.  After the house was purchased, he came in and made suggestions of where furniture could be placed. We walked through his 80,000 square-foot warehouse and looked at furniture.  Some of our old furniture we kept; some furniture we bought. And, when it was time to move in, the furniture we bought was in place. That was nice. His crew moved us in. That was impressive. They worked hard and fast.

The best surprise is no surprise. We met with the city planning office and called the fire marshal’s office a few times to discuss what we were doing and asked a lot of questions. Everyone we spoke with was kind and patient. They were a great help, and they wanted to help. We wanted to make sure we had our i’s dotted and t’s crossed for the inspections needed.

Putting together the teams to get the house ready to move in wasn’t nearly as difficult as I imagined. The process reminded me of all the different pieces that have to come together for a marketing campaign. We had a lot of quality work done by local people. That’s what I like about North Mississippi. We have a lot of people who work very hard which gives us a great place to live and work.

I’m appreciative of the time that I spent in my old office space. I grew up in that building. The time has come for a change, and I welcome it. I’ve seen many things change for the better since I first entered the business. I’ve always heard “Change is what you make of it,” but I don’t know who first used the quote. I like to think of myself as an optimist. Opportunity has knocked, and we have a new door. It’s an exciting time, and I’m glad my friends were there to help.

I appreciate all the help that in the transition to the new office space. In addition to thanks to Tommy Morgan and Jessica Harris of Tommy Morgan Realty and Markel Whittington, Nancy Dees plus Jeff Berry and crew at Whittington Office Furniture, I’m also grateful for the help from Ken Dale, Coty Childs and the guys at Exceed Technologies; Craig Collier, Rick Parker and Tom Massengill at ASI; Lee Duncan of Duncan Signs; Toby Groves for the incredible job he did painting the walls of the house; Mark Meredith and his crew for the beautiful work on the house; Pat Faulkner, Lynda Ford and Jason Cross for answering all my questions; the Strange family at eFire; Jason Tutor at ADT; Josh Scruggs and Scruggs Lawn Care; Jamie Coker and Coker Landscaping Services; Swimming Pools of Tupelo; Sam Davidson, plumber; Comfort Engineering; Clay Patterson and Ivy Fence; Tupelo Local Tree Service; Anthony Macklin; Sullivan Ornamental Iron; and Max Southworth and Josh Riley for their help in moving. And, many, many thanks to Bobby Martin, Mary Childs, Bob Glover and our goods friends in Ripley!

The beauty of marketing – it’s all about relationships. Where would we be without them?

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