Make technology work for you

Make technology work for you

A few months ago I attended an Agency Management Institute meeting in Austin. While there, I checked in on Facebook at the restaurant where we had dinner the first night. The next day, I received a message through Facebook from some friends I hadn’t seen in many, many years that they were now living near Austin. We met for dinner on Friday night and got reacquainted. Facebook is fantastic for keeping up with the news of others, but it cannot replace face-to-face interaction. It was through technology that I was able to rekindle that relationship thanks to the friends who receive my news feed.

Technology has its place in advertising. Streaming video, social media and online gaming to name a few are in the marketplace for entertainment and sometimes educational purposes. But, the more traditional media – TV, radio, newspaper, magazines, direct mail and outdoor – are still viable sources to connect with your customer as well.

“No one reads the newspaper anymore.” If you’re reading this, either you’re reading it in the newspaper or you’re reading it online. It was specifically written for the Northeast Mississippi Business Journal for the June 2018 issue dealing with technology.

“No one listens to the radio anymore. It’s all gone online.” While streaming radio such as Sirius/XM, Pandora and Spotify are popular, the standard ratio stations that I grew up with are still more popular. When you hear the term “terrestrial radio,” it refers to the stations you can dial into in your car or on your radio alarm clock.

Television is finding its way into the digital world. “Binge watching.” or watching multiple episodes of a TV show in a single sitting, has become very popular. Viewers are also still watching episodes as they air too. Some shows, particularly sporting events, are mostly watched live.

I could keep going with all the media. The point is that all media have a place in the marketplace. Yes, the introduction of newer digital channels gives more options for the consumer and therefore gives more options to the advertiser from which to choose. The analogy I hear the most about this is that the pie is not getting any bigger, but the slices of the pie are getting smaller as more organizations become part of the pie.

My friend Danny Foster addressed an Apilachi District meeting of the local Boy Scouts of America. He commented that every day we have 86,400 second to use. We spend them every day; we cannot make any more. Each day we get the same number. So with many other opportunities for our time – TV, radio, newspaper, magazines, outdoor boards, Netflix, Hulu, Sirius XM, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. – there is less and less time to spend with each one each day as more enter the marketplace. A choice will be made on where time will be spent.

With so many options the consumers can choose, it becomes much more important that the advertiser defines its target for messaging. There can and will be multiple targets. One size no longer fits all. A more precise target makes a much better aim where the proper media and vehicle can be chosen to do the most good for the advertiser.

Technology continues to change things. Don’t be afraid of it. Don’t shy away from it. Find out how to make the changes work for you.

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